lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

The Magic Planet

There was a time, millios of years ago, where the earth was divided in two, the noth and south, the north part was called "the molal one", because the habitants knew very well the values. the respect was the anthem, the fellowship and kidess was learned and a smile was somothing that everyone always had to wear, it was a happy place. The south part was called " the dark one", because people had a sad life, it was all aggression and bad behavior.
One time in a global crisis the two kingdoms decided to eliminate borders and so people could join together this is what happeed...
many people began to be ifected by the joy and the respect for others. somo, as expected began to think of the negative things that could happen i life and forgot the positive. many people from different sides began to discuss their thoughts and ideals.
When the noise was too much the kigs explain what was happaning, they said - this is a proof that we all have, it's hard to life with bitterness and regrets, but also, somotimes ecessary fillig, to enjoy better the good times. With all this, what we wat to get is UNION, the south will lear from the north and the north will learn from the south, the values will be reforced and the hate ad the negativity will put a side, we will have a better community -. THE END
This is a story that my grandmother used to tell me, i think in it in difficult times and remember how important values are for life, it reminds me of my favorites values are for life, it reminds me of my favorites values, joy and humilty, i think of the people of the south of the story and try to imagine the sad and unhappy life they had before the grate union, in those moment is when i say that life is really better when you're holding hads with VALUES.