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Why Do Kids Don't Use Positive Ways Of Expressing Themselves

The language used by youth in actuality leaves much to be desired.
Ordinary language is full of profanity and vulgar words that have replaced the purest Castilian, orthodox and even the most decent colloquial. Definitely, our vocabulary, the youth of us, is full of profanity and a very poor grammar.
I really do not know which is the main cause that has caused the deterioration of our rich language when communicating verbally, without fear of being wrong but i can mention several phenomena causing this situation. One is the lack of reading habits among young people.
Another, the strong influence that causes the TV through programs with a high content of vulgar and indecent. And another terminology used within the widely used and popular social networks.
A television can blame for the large number of programs with high sexual content, violence and very little education that is transmitted through it.

The use of the Internet and visiting pornographic content pages and violence well attended by youth is also reason and motive of the language used by the younger generation s.
Another possible cause of the deterioration o the language of young people is the lack of values instilled in the family and in some way, by schools and education in general.
Soon responsible for the education of youth should take up the matter and implement programs that contribute to the rescue de. I language and Spanish language use by young people.


miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013



Human values are all those attitudes, feelings and principles that determine the quality of the individual as a member or part of the society we live together. For this reason, human values can be many and depend on circumstances, customs and attitudes adopted by man in his social circle and there since man began to interact with other individuals.
The values have been studied and always have been classified by many experts in different ways, however I might mention here that I consider most important, above all, by the scarcity of them in the way we live and interact with others people.

Honesty: the virtue of telling the truth and act.
Tolerance: hability to accept the opinions and viewpoints of others but not to our liking.
Justice: the virtue of giving to each what belongs to him as duties and rights-commitments in the best way.
Respect: consideration and compliance with people.
Friendship: feeling of affection and selfless help to others.
Solidarity: a sense of cooperation and assistance to others especially in difficult situations.
Humility: always act under simplicity of spirit.
Unfortunately in our society becomes increasingly scarce these principles and values of coexistence for different reasons but the view, the most serious, is the disintegration of the family as the nucleus of society and lack the values education with in it.

Andres De Novi

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013


EDUVALORES... Una pagina elaborada por estudiantes y escrita en español e ingles con el principal objetivo de reformar nuestro conocimiento de valores y del ingles.
Aquí podrán encontar escritos de valores hechos por nosotros mismos, nuestra perspectiva del tema e información de este.
Esperemos les guste y disfruten nuestras escrituras.   

EDUVALORES ... A product developed by students and written in Spanish and English with the main objective to reform our values ​​and knowledge of English.
Here may find securities written facts for ourselves, our perspective and information on this topic.
Hope you like it and enjoy.

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Los valores para mi...Andres De novi

Los valores son muy importantes en la vida ya que ayudan en tu vida personal, sobre todo  en lo social, al tu tener unos buenos valores, como por ejemplo, honesto, respeto, amistad, solidaridad, entre otros; lo más probable es que tengas muchos amigos y muchas personas que te quieran y te valoren, porque sabrán que eres una buena persona ,pero una persona sin valores casi siempre es rechazada por la gente ya que no las trata bien o mejor dicho, los inrespeta, les miente, no es buen compañero ni buen amigo, etc.
Para mi los valores son fundamentales en la vida, tanto para tener una buena relacion con tus familiares como con tus amigos y personas cercanas. Los valores mas importantes en mi vida y los que mas pongo en practica son, el respeto, el compañerismo, la amistad, la honestidad, la solidaridad ,el amor y muchos mas pero nunca terminaria si pongo todos los valores que aplico en mi vida.

Aqui les dejo unos enlaces de paginas de valores:

Los Valores para mi.. Victoria Carrero

Los valores están presentes desde los inicios de la humanidad. Para el ser humano siempre han existido cosas valiosas: el bienverdadbellezafelicidadvirtudy muchas otras.
Para mi... los valores son esenciales para la vida, estos provocan una buena convivencia y armonía de la sociedad, el respeto, la solidaridad, la honestidad y el amor son los valores mas importares para mi. 
Los valores pueden ser tomados por cada individuo de diversas maneras pero lo mas importante es tratar de seguirlos y de siempre dar lo mejor posible.
Entre mas valores y buen comportamiento exista en la sociedad esta crecerá y se desarrollara de manera positiva.

Word Values

We say that teenagers are those who are in the stage between being a child and an adult, they lack many thigs, the most important is the social area and what others think of them.
In the current society they are many distractios and more freedom from the parents to their sons where they can do things that were ot allowed before, it's surprising that we can be walking down the street and hear a kid screaming "bad words".
Is have being proved that teenagers use a short and not very expressive vocabulary, because of the lack of knowledge, usually when moms asks their childres "How was your day?" the answer is "Normal" or "Fine" because of lack of words to express, thats way people invent knew, to use them as they like best, "De Pana", "Tripeatelo", "Vacila", "Epa" are examples.
Also when we hear a very rude and empty vocabulary is believed it is for two reasons...
1. Becuase of social stuffs , usually used by mans, it make them feel more strong ad powerfull, they are "breaking the rules", this behavior is also supported by others, something that motivates the use of profeity.
2. A tag, they are word whit no meaning in the senteces..."Hey man, how are you man, all good man, i have ot heard from you man" this can be corrected with reading.
The best way to improve vocabulary in society is avoiding "bad words" especially with childrens and teaching the positive of a good vocabulary.

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

The Magic Planet

There was a time, millios of years ago, where the earth was divided in two, the noth and south, the north part was called "the molal one", because the habitants knew very well the values. the respect was the anthem, the fellowship and kidess was learned and a smile was somothing that everyone always had to wear, it was a happy place. The south part was called " the dark one", because people had a sad life, it was all aggression and bad behavior.
One time in a global crisis the two kingdoms decided to eliminate borders and so people could join together this is what happeed...
many people began to be ifected by the joy and the respect for others. somo, as expected began to think of the negative things that could happen i life and forgot the positive. many people from different sides began to discuss their thoughts and ideals.
When the noise was too much the kigs explain what was happaning, they said - this is a proof that we all have, it's hard to life with bitterness and regrets, but also, somotimes ecessary fillig, to enjoy better the good times. With all this, what we wat to get is UNION, the south will lear from the north and the north will learn from the south, the values will be reforced and the hate ad the negativity will put a side, we will have a better community -. THE END
This is a story that my grandmother used to tell me, i think in it in difficult times and remember how important values are for life, it reminds me of my favorites values are for life, it reminds me of my favorites values, joy and humilty, i think of the people of the south of the story and try to imagine the sad and unhappy life they had before the grate union, in those moment is when i say that life is really better when you're holding hads with VALUES.