miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Why Do Kids Don't Use Positive Ways Of Expressing Themselves

The language used by youth in actuality leaves much to be desired.
Ordinary language is full of profanity and vulgar words that have replaced the purest Castilian, orthodox and even the most decent colloquial. Definitely, our vocabulary, the youth of us, is full of profanity and a very poor grammar.
I really do not know which is the main cause that has caused the deterioration of our rich language when communicating verbally, without fear of being wrong but i can mention several phenomena causing this situation. One is the lack of reading habits among young people.
Another, the strong influence that causes the TV through programs with a high content of vulgar and indecent. And another terminology used within the widely used and popular social networks.
A television can blame for the large number of programs with high sexual content, violence and very little education that is transmitted through it.

The use of the Internet and visiting pornographic content pages and violence well attended by youth is also reason and motive of the language used by the younger generation s.
Another possible cause of the deterioration o the language of young people is the lack of values instilled in the family and in some way, by schools and education in general.
Soon responsible for the education of youth should take up the matter and implement programs that contribute to the rescue de. I language and Spanish language use by young people.


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