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Human values are all those attitudes, feelings and principles that determine the quality of the individual as a member or part of the society we live together. For this reason, human values can be many and depend on circumstances, customs and attitudes adopted by man in his social circle and there since man began to interact with other individuals.
The values have been studied and always have been classified by many experts in different ways, however I might mention here that I consider most important, above all, by the scarcity of them in the way we live and interact with others people.

Honesty: the virtue of telling the truth and act.
Tolerance: hability to accept the opinions and viewpoints of others but not to our liking.
Justice: the virtue of giving to each what belongs to him as duties and rights-commitments in the best way.
Respect: consideration and compliance with people.
Friendship: feeling of affection and selfless help to others.
Solidarity: a sense of cooperation and assistance to others especially in difficult situations.
Humility: always act under simplicity of spirit.
Unfortunately in our society becomes increasingly scarce these principles and values of coexistence for different reasons but the view, the most serious, is the disintegration of the family as the nucleus of society and lack the values education with in it.

Andres De Novi

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